Magnetized Energy-Saving Systems

Green Economy

The impact of climate change has become the world's most critical issue in the world, and in the face of such changes, the global impact is keenly felt. In 2019, we are still talking about "carbon reduction", and in 2021, we will move towards the trend of "zero carbon", and so far, many countries have set this as a national strategic goal.
In 2019, Wings Global Technology commenced investments in a green product that changes the hydrogen bonding of water molecules through the strong magnetic force of the rare earth Neodymium magnet (NdFeB) equipment to purify the operation of cooling water towers, achieving water saving, electricity saving, and chemical reduction. Two sets of equipment have been installed in a demonstration site and have saved 62,848 kWh and 31,999 kg/CO2 within six months.


The magnetized energy-saving equipment uses Neodymium magnet, which has a high magnetic force of 10,000 gauss. Because water is a cohesive molecule, through the Lorentz force, the fluid is cut, and the H2O is cut into several smaller molecules to achieve its benefits.
Cooling Water Tower Circulation System:
Through the pump and motor, the water in the water tray is magnetized, and the magnetized water can reduce the adhesion of limescale in the ice machine piping and heat sink to keep the equipment at a certain level of efficiency, reduce wear and tear, maintain the efficiency of heat dissipation, and extend the maintenance cost and the reduce the volume of chemicals required.


After the cooling water tower is magnetized for half a month, a large amount of sludge will fall off


The heat sink and piping often cause limescale to accumulate due to heat exchange, and over time, it will become hard limescale, resulting in poor operation efficiency and heat dissipation.

The cooling water tower is magnetized and broken pieces fall off after three months


The heat sink will be damaged due to weathering and cleaning. If hard limescale is stuck in the middle of the heat sink, it will prevent broken pieces from falling off, and after magnetization, a lot of broken pieces will enter because the limescale is softened.

Cooling water tower magnetized for one year and three months


The heat sink has not been cleaned and chemically treated for one year and three months, and the magnetized water is used only for the normal cycle, which shows that there is only a slight moss on the heat sink, and the heatsink retains its original color without a large amount of limescale.